Staying Balanced on an Incline

Last March my wife and I were able to take a weekend trip to San Francisco (it was where I took the picture shown above).  Living on the east coast all my life, this was my first ever venture to California.  There were many things to be amazed at as we walked around the streets of San Francisco.  The food.  The people.  The bridges.  But I was struck most by the architecture.  But it wasn’t the shape or size of the buildings that amazed me.  Instead it was how the structures were built so balanced on the continuously inclined streets.  I imagined how much thought surrounding the laws of physics must go into building such structures where gravity is pulling so intently in one direction.  In the end, I imagined that it all comes down to understanding balance.

I learned early on in my career that being a Principal means that I’ll be on an ‘incline’ in some form or another most of the time.  It’s rare that as Principals we’re not being pulled very intently in one direction or another (like gravity pulling on the home in the picture above).  As I’m now only a couple years from my 50th birthday, ‘balance’ has taken on a more important role in my life.  I’m becoming much more aware of how my body, heart, and mind need to be balanced in order for me to be my best-self every day for the kids, staff, and parents who depend on me as a Principal.

The reasons for us as educators to stay balanced are easy to think of…kids/adults depend on us, we need to stay physically healthy, etc.  But it’s understanding the specific actions we need to take to stay in balance that’s tricky.  I took time over this past winter vacation to read a book called, “Trauma Stewardship” by Connie Burk and Laura van Dernoot Lipsky.  It shed light on so many ways in which we can, and should, as educators keep balance in our lives.  I highly recommend it for those who think they need balance and for those who think they have perfect balance in their lives.

So to all my colleagues in education, I wish you an amazing 2018 full of joy, happiness, and balance.

Your thoughts on this blog are welcomed and appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Staying Balanced on an Incline

  1. Chas!! What a great post! Love the format, overall layout, Tweet stream, etc.! Most of all I love the content of this first post on your new platform. Amazing how we tend to be on various degrees of an incline both professionally and personally. I truly never thought of that but am drawing so many connections.

    Additionally I’m adding a book to my ever increasing “must read” list. Trauma Stewardship sounds great — after all that work/life balance is an ongoing quest to truly master.”

    Great job, my friend!! KOKO. -Brendan

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